Campus provides many options, free internet, a short commute, and convenient access to a long list of benefits. It offers flexible ways to get your fill and spend quality time together.

No matter what piques your interest, our student clubs and organizations have you covered

Remembering the past and where we came from grounds us as a community and an institution and where we are today. Embrace the history of this great university and take part in our traditional events throughout the year. We are always looking for new ideas and new students. Bring your friends along and join in the fun of keeping these rich traditions alive on campus.

The campus offers recreation and athletics, learning and study resources, groups and clubs, housing options, meal plans, and much more.

College Canteen

College has spacious canteen facility in the college. A variety of south indian food and snack items are provided to the students and staff of the college with highest quality. Canteen has a big kitchen and kitchen staff take extra care to provide the students and staff with nutritious and hygienic food in the campus canteen. Food items are prepared with RO treated water. It also provides light refreshment like packed snack items, cakes, veg. puff, beverages etc to the students and staff of the college. Canteen is open from 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM on all working days.


Our homes away from home are as modern as they can be. More importantly, though have spawned the cultures that make the campus an unforgettable experience. It's here that midnight cricket tournaments, early morning bakar sessions, community computer warfare and so many other things find expression.


Clubs are the best place to relax and recharge with the indoor sports facilities including seven Billiards & Snooker Tables, Carrom boards, Chess boards, Table Tennis facilities and a Foosball table.


Physical recreation through games and sports has been an important part of the Institute since its inception.Today, the Institute has some of the best facilities in a number of games and sports and awards proficiencies in 14 games.

Stationary Store

All stationary items are made available in the stores at reasonable rates, fixed by the college management.society.